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It all started when our owner Christian got fed up of paying $22 for a 30mL bottle of e-juice. That's when he looked into how e-liquid was made and started mixing. After numerous failed attempts on getting it right, he finally started making a handful of great flavors. 


One day in late 2015 when christian was at work on break, a friend tried the e-juice he had made, and asked where he had bought it from. After christian told him he made it at home, he knew right then and there that this was an opportunity he couldn't pass up. A month later, Christian quit his job and took the leap into entrepreneurship- that's when Mixdlabs was founded.


From day one, he knew that there was a demand for affordable e-liquid, but that simply wouldn't be enough. He had to formulate flavors with premium ingredients to produce a top shelf product. Never going in blind, Christian sampled to friends, family, and customers to distinguish what flavors customers would enjoy or not. After many late nights of R&D in the lab, our flavor menu began to grow.


All of the hard work, risk taking, and long nights in the lab would eventually pay off two months later, when we turned our very first profit. One year later, we hit our first six figure milestone and have been generating more happy customers since!


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"One thing we can all take away from our story is that no matter how much you feel like quitting, no matter how much you feel that nothing is going right in life, you're always in control of your destiny. It's the ability to never give up, and believe in yourself. Be your number one fan, work hard, stay positive and optimistic. You never know when luck will strike." - Christian